Jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans…

Jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans…..

I have an earworm.  That is going through my head to the tune of ‘Beans, beans, beans, beans’  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you clearly don’t use the CBeebies website enough!!

I don’t either, but my kids do.  And more often than not its stuff that sticks in your head they find.

I need help!  And not just with the earworm.

I’m stuck in a huge big rut!

A clothing rut though.

Nothing too serious, don’t panic!

I blogged recently about needing a new winter wardrobe.  I’ve been having a look through what’s left of the wardrobe I have, so I can plan how to spend my birthday pennies, (It’s coming up soon, you know, just in case you wanted to send me a present).  I’ve been trying to figure out what I desperately need.

My wardrobe seems to be full of nothing but skinny jeans.  All with holes in the right knee!

I have one surviving pair but even they are looking a bit threadbare! Actually two pairs, however, one of those is a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that I WILL get back into one day.   But I can barely squeeze them over my knees right now so they don’t count!

I figured that once the kids reached the stage where they walked around instead of crawled I would be able to stop baring my right knee to the world.

That happened over three years ago, so why is my knee still peeking out through my jeans?  I promise that I don’t still crawl around the floor all the time….much!

I am slightly flummoxed by this. I’ve had so many pairs of jeans go the same way, even since the kids could keep themselves upright without dangling off my leg or the sofa.  Hence no need for me to be on the floor.

So why does it still happen?

Maybe my knee thinks it needs airholes!

Anyway, I digressed.  I need help because all I do now is run into the women’s jeans department, grab two pairs of skinny jeans and leg it out of there as fast as I can.  I do pay for them of course!

I’ve just learnt to speed shop since the little ones came along! You have to learn to get in an out before someone needs a wee, spots something they want, or has a meltdown because they’re hungry.

It was much easier when I could strap them in a buggy!

But I think this year I need to take my time. Not stick with the same old, same old.  Yes, this time I might get some bootcut jeans or even some slouchy boyfriend jeans, a bit more casual.  And comfy.  I like comfy!

Hell, given that the kids are now at pre-school and school near enough every day I might even take a weekday to go shopping.

Or I could just do it the easy way.  Send for it all online and have it delivered to my door.

Yes, I’ll dig out my old catalogue account and head to the women’s jeans department at K & Co instead .  That way I get to avoid the dodgy changing room mirrors & I can drink coffee and eat cake while I’m shopping.  Winning!!

Aye, that sounds like a plan! Birthday shopping here I come!

*Disclosure.  This post was written in collaboration with K & Co, but all opinions are my own, plus  I really do have an earworm and a wardrobe full of holey jeans! 

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    • Kate says

      Still time to find what you want to then! I found a box of pre-pregnancy clothes a couple of months ago, thought I’d hit jackpot! Except nothing fits!!

  1. says

    Man I really need some new clobber too! I lost a bit of weight but not enough to change clothes sizes, so I just sort of make do with stretchy stuff. I desperately want to go on a shopping spree, but I know that if I lost another stone I would fit into the smaller size – so I should just get on with that! I hate feeling frumpy in my clothes 🙂 x
    Kerrie McGiveron recently posted..Review: Tommee Tippee Weaning SetMy Profile

    • Kate says

      Horrible feeling isn’t it? That nothing fits right & feeling like a frump! Maybe try some charity shop clobber in the meantime, I often find brand new stuff in there!!

    • Kate says

      I usually do, which is why I stick with same old, same old. I can’t bear to let go of the pre-pregnancy jeans just yet though…..we’re only 4 yrs down the line!!

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