Naughty School

Last night I had a chat with Lil Man about school his first week at school, which incidentally has been awesome.  We couldn’t be prouder of him at the moment!

‘Your school is amazing’ I said, ‘You have all your friends there, the freedom to go and play with whoever you like, go outside when you like and the toys you have are just brilliant! Playing outside at your school is like going to the park!’

‘What was it like when you went to school mummy?’

‘Well, I had lots of fun at school with my friends but we didn’t have nearly as many toys as your school and we didn’t have any toys outside.’

‘What did you do outside?’

‘We had to make our own games up.’


And that was it.  End of conversation until early this morning when Lil Miss was being a stroppy madam, just for a change!

Lil Man pipes up ‘If she carries on she’ll have to go to naughty school.’

‘Hmmm, now there’s an idea Lil Man. I wonder if there is such a thing as naughty school….’

‘Well…..she could go to very naughty school.’

Lil Misses strop ended in an instant at the mention of very naughty school.  There was I, thinking how proud I was of his quick thinking and that maybe I should take tips from him for strop prevention, when he continued..

‘Or maybe she could go to your school mummy? ‘Cause it doesn’t sound very good!’

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  1. says

    Hehe…! Compared to my primary school, it sounds so amazing these days doesn’t it? I know of schools that give out iPods as teaching tools… I wouldn’t have minde one of those either 🙂
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    • Kate says

      Exactly!! I love the fact they have so much freedom, but with some structure too. Pretty sure that’s why he enjoys it so much. Always a good start when you don’t have to peel them off your leg!!! ;0)

  2. says

    Vague memories of primary school being just as strict as big school. lessons, strict playtime, fights over who had the yellow crayon first… oh and the milk…. until Thatcher stole it off us 🙁

    • Kate says

      I actually enjoyed school, the early years of it anyway, we just didn’t have anywhere near as good a set up as they have now!

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