They often say your children are a reflection of you.  What they see from you makes a huge impression on them.

Well I’ve started to notice a lot of myself in one of my mini me’s.

Surprisingly it’s not the one I always expected it to be.

People often joke about how they’ve never met two children that are so alike their parents. Lil Man could’ve been easily mistaken for his dad when comparing baby pictures and Lil Miss could’ve been mistaken for me.

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Holiday image

One thing we’ve learnt this summer is how lovely it is to spend time together away from home & work.

We’ve only had two very short breaks this year but we’ve enjoyed them immensely, even with all the extra running around after the kids, which is far easier when there’s no work to squeeze into the mix!

I don’t actually think we’ve had a holiday that has lasted any more than a couple of days for a good few years now.

The last couple of summers have been tough. It’s not easy to tear yourself away when you’re busy starting up your own business, and more so when you really love what you do.

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Lil man has suddenly become far more interested in my hair.

I’m not sure why….it’s only on occasion he pays attention to his own. Sometimes he’ll suddenly decide he wants spikes or he’ll want to know if it looks cool, but mostly he’s not bothered at all.

He’s been very tactile when it comes to my hair more recently though, he likes brushing & playing with it and more often than not now, he’ll give it a playful little tug when he gives me a cuddle.

A couple of weeks ago he suddenly declared I should shave it all off

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Every day is a school day!

What is it about growing up that makes you want to learn more? I get a little flutter of delight every time I find out something new now.

And properly learning new stuff is a whole different ball game now.

I didn’t dislike school, college or university, but I hated being forced to study subjects I had no interest in. I actually started to do much better when I was able to choose my own subjects. My law degree results were based solely on my third year work because it was such a huge improvement on what I did in year one and two! And it was the only year I chose all the subjects I studied rather than having compulsory subjects.

It also has something to do with me putting stuff off. I’m excellent at procrastinating and then going all guns blazing at the last minute.

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How to have sweet dreams

Sleep is so important. We spend a huge proportion of our life doing it. Or trying.

Especially when we have kids.

Sleep is the one thing that we definitely take for granted, until we don’t get it anymore.

We had two children very close together.

Lil Man was a terrible sleeper until Lil Miss arrived, then she took on the job of keeping us up all night instead!

We did wonder whether the solution to getting her to sleep better was to have another baby, but we figured we could be going for years until we finally got a good sleeper and we’d end up with a ton of mouths to feed and no guarantee of any more sleep!

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