Little Funfest – April 2014

NEWSFLASH! The next Little Funfest is less than TWO weeks away!!!

Yes that’s right! Less than two weeks!

It’s crept up proper quick.

little fun fest

The little’uns love Red House Farm (which is in Dunham Massey, Altrincham) and the Little Funfest events and are really excited!

I might be a bit too!

This time not only do they get to see their CBeebies fave, Alex Winters again, but Dr Ranj & Cat Sandion from CBeebies are also appearing too!! And of course the hilarious Jem Frazer, who the kids love! If you came last year you’d have seen his Mr Topper and Hagrid characters!

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The NHS, Negligence and the Cost

I’ve come across something that has shocked me this week.  The amount the NHS pays out in legal fees due to medical negligence.

According to the daily mail a staggering £22bn has been put aside to meet the pay outs for negligence this year.  That is an astounding amount of money!

Apparently, the government blame no win, no fee lawyers and their spiralling fees and yes, solicitors don’t have the greatest press. I know, I’ve been one.  But there’s also got to be a case for them to fight and someone has to have suffered as a result of another’s actions, or failings.  In this case, the NHS.

Which is also getting bad press.

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Girl’s Night In

Apparently, girl’s nights in are now the in thing. But I’ve known that for ages, I’m obviously a trend setter!

A survey recently showed that 70% of women now prefer a night in to a night on the town. Mostly because it’s better for having a laugh, and a lot cheaper too.

I’ve always preferred spending a night in with my friends rather than noisy nightclubs. Well, maybe not always, since I became old and married anyway! There was once a time, (a long long while ago) that I was out partying four nights a week.

No wonder I was so knackered during my student days!

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Social Media Overload

A while ago one of the fab guys I follow on twitter @benwakeling, wrote for the Huffington Post about social media fatigue.  You should go read it (and his blog), he’s very funny.


When I read it, I gave myself a kick up the bum.  I knew I was spending too much time on Facebook and Twitter when I should have been being  far more productive. I justified it by telling myself it was wind down time, and talk to actual grown up’s time.

But enough was enough, it was time to get some work done, so I tried ignoring Facebook. I tried my best to limit my time on Twitter and I decided I was not ever signing up for any other social media platforms.  I didn’t have the time.  I’m an excellent procrastinator as it is and I never need more distractions.

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Beyond Floatation Spa Review

Float beyond logo
A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go and try ‘floatation’.

I know, I know. What’s floatation?

Well, I had some idea of what it was but when I was offered the opportunity to go I wasn’t entirely sure what it entailed.

Basically, the very cool looking tank below (also known as an i-sopod) is a floatation tank. It’s quite shallow, but deep enough to float in and it contains epsom salt water which holds up your body weight so you get to, yes of course….float!

Float Beyond Tank

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