Reiki – what is it?

ReikiFor the last six years the hubby & I have had something which has been a
huge part of our lives.

We’ve had quite a journey with it. It’s helped us through miscarriages,
pregnancies, births, endless sleepless nights, illnesses, redundancy &
setting up a new business.

I’m talking about Reiki.

I don’t often talk about what we do here but it’s something that is a huge part of our lives and it helps us immensely.

We had a deep and meaningful a couple of weeks ago about loads of different stuff, but we spent ages talking about Reiki. The one question people ask us most is ‘What is Reiki?’ and ‘How will it help me?’ so many people want the promise of an outcome before committing but it’s difficult to tell someone what Reiki will do for them.

Because everyone is so different. Everyone takes away something unique from every situation. And how do you get across how fantastic something is that you do, and how much it helps people without sounding egotistical? Because that’s not me. Or him.

And especially as it’s so simple, particularly in practical terms.

You put your hands on someone and you channel energy into them. In fact, they draw that energy as and where they need it. You don’t need to touch them if they don’t want you to and it can even be sent distantly.

And there you have it.

Put like that it seems a little daft. A bit far out. Flaky even.

But think about what we do when we hurt ourselves. We place our hands where we’ve injured. If a child falls over, we put our hands where they hurt. We have a natural instinct to self heal. And the thing is, Reiki is so much more than just placing your hands on someone. It’s giving someone an opportunity to focus on themselves for once. To value themselves.

The real benefits are completely unquantifiable.

There are really strict guidelines when it comes to explaining complementary therapies, what they do and how they can help. Particularly Reiki, and understandably so.

I still see some claiming Reiki as a cure all for everything going. And while it will help in lots of different ways the most important thing to say about complementary therapies is that it is your own body performing the healing. No complementary therapy is a miracle cure, no one else is pushing a magic button for you, you have to take the responsibility for your own self healing and give yourself time to do it!

Our bodies are programmed to self heal, which we all know, but often forget. Reiki helps to facilitate that by allowing the body to be in the best place for that healing to happen. Being relaxed and quiet help that process massively!

As far as what we can say, we’re allowed to say Reiki is relaxing. It is. We’re allowed to say it reduces stress. It does. We’re allowed to say it helps sleep. Yes, that too. (In fact, I even have trouble waking some clients up!) We’re also allowed to say it improves overall wellbeing. And it does. Hugely.

But have you ever heard someone say ‘you should go and try Reiki, it did
wonders for my overall wellbeing’

No. They’re more likely to focus on physical improvements.

We don’t give our mental and emotional wellbeing much focus at all. In fact, aside from multiple choice questionnaires and rating how you feel on a scale of 1-10, (which is only done as a matter of course once you’ve had a baby and never at any other time unless you present yourself with concerns for your own emotional health) how do you even measure it?

How do you measure stress? Aside from physically measuring heart rates, cortisol levels, etc.

How do you know how stress affects you?

It certainly has more far reaching affects than increasing heart rates and pumping adrenalin.

And how many of us realise the huge ramifications that stress, especially long term, has on our wellbeing? We’re beginning to recognise more and more, but complementary therapies are hugely discredited because there’s no scientific proof they can do anything, even though it’s widely accepted that they help you relax and reduce stress.

The difficulty with explaining how therapies like Reiki can help people, is mostly because recognising that our mental and our emotional health is just as important than our physical health is hard for us to do. And it’s hard for everyone else to do. It’s not tangible. No one can easily see if you’re suffering a mental illness. No one can see if you’re falling apart inside. So it doesn’t get the same attention, which is hugely wrong.

We know we should all give ourselves more focus, love ourselves that little bit more and be kinder to ourselves, but it’s like knowing that we should go to bed early, exercise every day, eat a better diet, etc. It rarely happens for the majority. Mostly because we don’t value ourselves enough. We don’t give ourselves enough time (I’ll admit I’m one of the worst culprits, but it’s something I’m working on massively). And that’s all to do with our mental and emotional health not being considered important enough!

One of the things I love most about Reiki is that it gives us what we need most at that moment.

The best examples of this are the clients who turn up with a physical ailment that they think is their highest priority, such as the lady who arrived years ago to see the hubby with a bad back (there are many I could tell you about but this is one of my favourites and it’s a great example).

The bad back that was so crippling she was bent over almost double and couldn’t stand upright at all.

The bad back that meant she’d lost her job, her home, her confidence and also her self esteem. To the point where she’d barely leave her home.

The bad back that meant she was depressed, anxious and on the verge of being agoraphobic.

Attending for a Reiki treatment was a huge achievement for her. One she only managed because it was somewhere familiar and someone she already knew and trusted was present during the treatment.

Within a couple of weeks she’d gained confidence, become more chatty, had her hair done, joined a weight loss group and begun socialising. It took a few weeks before it actually made a huge difference to her back, but before long she was able to stand upright!

She now has a full time job in a busy cafe. She’s able to go out whenever she wants, she has confidence and her freedom back. Reiki has made a massive difference to her life. She still suffers with her back, but she attended one of our courses and is now able to give herself Reiki to help with that. Does that mean that Reiki failed to help her?

If you were looking at in the very narrow sense of the reason she originally wanted to receive Reiki, maybe you’d say it had.

I know I wouldn’t!

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