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Sid SloaneNext Saturday we’ll be making our way up to Lancaster to see Sid Sloane in his very own tour. We’re going to see Sid’s Show! We’ve missed Sid since he left cBeebies although we do take the opportunity to catch him when we can on Let’s Play which always has the kids entranced. And yes, me too. I’m quite partial to some kids programmes, they’re often far more fun & entertaining than grown up tv!

Lil Man has loved Sid since he read his 3rd birthday card on cBeebies and called him a ‘dude’. His little face was a picture and he still remembers it now.

Sid’s show came to our home town a few months back but unfortunately I’d arranged a fundraiser for that day and we couldn’t make it, so I was chuffed to bits when we got an invite to review the show. It’s quite a trek but I’m sure it’ll be well worth it.

I’ve read previous reviews that the show is just Sid attempting to get dressed. He plays lots of other characters himself & his dog Fuzzy plays a part but there’s no other actors at all. There isn’t many that would be able to hold the audience’s attention for that amount of time with no other stage presence but I’ve heard great stuff and I’m sure if anyone can pull that off then Sid can. I have endless amounts of respect for kid’s tv presenters and their endless amounts of energy, not sure I could keep that up constantly!!

The autumn and winter tour is just beginning so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to see Sid’s show right across the UK if you fancy checking it out. More info about Sid’s show and tour dates can be found at

*Disclosure – We’re being provided with a family ticket to see Sid’s Show so we can review the show. We are very excited about going to see Sid, checking out his adventures and finding out if he does really do Yoga to the teachings of Bob Marley for three hours a day!!

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