Dear Blog

I know I’ve been neglecting you a bit (ok, a lot) lately. Im truly sorry, I do wish I could spend more time with you but at the moment real life stuff has to take priority.

And, I know that those who shout loudest shouldn’t necessarily get first, but when it’s two very loud, boisterous toddlers who can also turn on that adorable puppy eye charm at the flick the of a switch, I mean seriously, who’s going to argue with them??

I promise normal service will resume soon. In fact, I have a real treat for you in October. We’re going to Blog Camp!!! I’ll get to spend a whole day of quality time with you.

And no. I did not sign up just for the cake! *tsk*

I’m very excited as I’ll get to meet some of my twitter/blogger friends, who I’ve also been neglecting lately, sorry about that too!

I’m hoping to come away inspired, with some creative ideas so I can make you more my own & in the meantime I intend to work on this work/ life/blog balance thing!

Blog again soon!
Lots of love
Kate x