Andy & Mike’s Tick Tock Time Machine Review

Andy and Mike's Tick Tock Time Machine

A couple of weeks ago we went to see Andy & Mikes Tick Tock Time Machine at the Solihull Arts Complex.

As I’ve said before, all of the Cbeebies presenters are ace in live shows.  Andy is the only one we haven’t seen do a live show before, however, I still had very high expectations.

And we weren’t disappointed.  Both Andy and Mike are FULL of energy, funny, silly and generally a bit bonkers.

Perfect entertainment for kids!

And us.

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10 ways to prepare for parenting

Preparing for Parenting
I know lots of people who are due to have babies soon. Many for the second time, but some are going to be first time parents and it got me thinking about the sort of stuff I’d like to have been prepared for.

I mean, I knew about the sleepless nights, the dirty nappies and the constant feeding, but I had no idea what to expect further down the line. If I had then I might have felt more, well…prepared.

So aside from the sleep routines, the weaning and the potty training (which go by in such a blur, you’ll wonder if they ever actually happened) here’s the bits of advice I wish people had shared so that I felt a little more prepared for parenting. (And as with my stance on all advice, take whatever works for you and leave the rest exactly where you found it!)

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Sid’s Show – Review

Sids show 1
A few weekends ago we were lucky enough to go and see Sid Sloane from Cbeebies fame in his very own show at the Grand Theatre in Lancaster.

The kids were extremely excited to go and see Sid’s Show and so were me and my mum.  Probably more than they were to be honest!

I’d read a few reviews about the show before we went and realised that the show was just Sid. No one else at all.  And we’re more than used to (well we were anyway) seeing Sid do links on his own on Cbeebies, but entertaining an audience full of young children? Different kettle of fish altogether.  I had every confidence that Sid would be able to pull it off (these Cbeebies presenters have boundless amounts of energy!) but I was interested to see how he would do it.

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They often say your children are a reflection of you.  What they see from you makes a huge impression on them.

Well I’ve started to notice a lot of myself in one of my mini me’s.

Surprisingly it’s not the one I always expected it to be.

People often joke about how they’ve never met two children that are so alike their parents. Lil Man could’ve been easily mistaken for his dad when comparing baby pictures and Lil Miss could’ve been mistaken for me.

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The last days of Summer #countrykids

Feeding the ducks

The end of Summer always fetches a mix of emotions. Part of me is sad that’s it’s over, another is excited about what’s to come. I love the colours of Autumn and I love Christmas.

But although I love Christmas, I don’t want to know how close it is until December, thank you very much!

I don’t have a favourite season. I like different bits about them all. I do however, love sunshine. It doesn’t matter whether it’s boiling hot, or freezing cold, I really don’t care, I just love sunbeams! It’s amazing how much the light affects your mood.

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