Little Funfest – April 2014

NEWSFLASH! The next Little Funfest is less than TWO weeks away!!!

Yes that’s right! Less than two weeks!

It’s crept up proper quick.

little fun fest

The little’uns love Red House Farm (which is in Dunham Massey, Altrincham) and the Little Funfest events and are really excited!

I might be a bit too!

This time not only do they get to see their CBeebies fave, Alex Winters again, but Dr Ranj & Cat Sandion from CBeebies are also appearing too!! And of course the hilarious Jem Frazer, who the kids love! If you came last year you’d have seen his Mr Topper and Hagrid characters!

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Andy & Mike’s Tick Tock Time Machine Review

Andy and Mike's Tick Tock Time Machine

A couple of weeks ago we went to see Andy & Mikes Tick Tock Time Machine at the Solihull Arts Complex.

As I’ve said before, all of the Cbeebies presenters are ace in live shows.  Andy is the only one we haven’t seen do a live show before, however, I still had very high expectations.

And we weren’t disappointed.  Both Andy and Mike are FULL of energy, funny, silly and generally a bit bonkers.

Perfect entertainment for kids!

And us.

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Sid’s Show – Review

Sids show 1
A few weekends ago we were lucky enough to go and see Sid Sloane from Cbeebies fame in his very own show at the Grand Theatre in Lancaster.

The kids were extremely excited to go and see Sid’s Show and so were me and my mum.  Probably more than they were to be honest!

I’d read a few reviews about the show before we went and realised that the show was just Sid. No one else at all.  And we’re more than used to (well we were anyway) seeing Sid do links on his own on Cbeebies, but entertaining an audience full of young children? Different kettle of fish altogether.  I had every confidence that Sid would be able to pull it off (these Cbeebies presenters have boundless amounts of energy!) but I was interested to see how he would do it.

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Sid’s Show

Sid SloaneNext Saturday we’ll be making our way up to Lancaster to see Sid Sloane in his very own tour. We’re going to see Sid’s Show! We’ve missed Sid since he left cBeebies although we do take the opportunity to catch him when we can on Let’s Play which always has the kids entranced. And yes, me too. I’m quite partial to some kids programmes, they’re often far more fun & entertaining than grown up tv!

Lil Man has loved Sid since he read his 3rd birthday card on cBeebies and called him a ‘dude’. His little face was a picture and he still remembers it now.

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The Chill Factore

A few weeks ago Lil Man, Lil Miss & I all got the opportunity to visit the Chill Factore in Manchester. Yes, I know. It’s taken me ages to write the post, I have terrible blogger’s guilt, but unfortunately on some occasions I have to be a grown up & do what I should do instead of what I want to do.

Not the day we went to Chill Factore though!!

I’ve wanted to go for ages, so when we were invited to go along & check out the new Snow Park, well, how could I say no? We got to go and visit at the same time as a great group of Northern Bloggers & Alex from cBeebies also tagged along for the trip, which pleased the kids no end, especially as his little ones came to play too.

Most of the activities at the Chill Factore are for children who are 4+ but the Snow Play area is perfect for littler ones, & even older ones too. Even us adults were racing down the mini sledging track. There’s a new snow carousel which is ideal for smaller tots, but even the older ones were happily kicking back in it & enjoying the ride too!

There are soft building blocks, footballs & of course snow!! We had snow fights, lots of them. We sledged, we built stuff & best of all, we got to go on the proper sledging track, which was the best fun ever. I’d happily have spent all day there and I’m pretty sure the kids would have too.

Children playing at the Chill Factore

Next time, I’m doing the Tubing & the Luge, think sledging in big rubber rings and Cool Runnings & you’re about there, definitely leaving my lucky egg at home though! Snow on my face is enough, I don’t need egg too!! 😉

I was expecting it to be a little colder than it was, we had plenty of gear courtesy of the Chill Factore to keep us warm. However, I made the mistake of taking our own gloves, which were all soaking wet after about 20 minutes of playing in the snow. Next time we go, we’re definitely hiring gear, including gloves from the Chill Factore. The Chill Factore gloves were well insulated ensuring that those wearing them had toasty warm hands throughout, unlike us!

We had great fun in the Snow Play area, although I do have to say that the kids decided they wanted out after about half an hour, which is about the same time as they stand the proper snow (on the rare occasions we have a decent amount!) We managed to stay in a good while longer after hitting the bigger sledging track & then going back to do some building in the Snow Play area.

As most of the really fun stuff is for 4+ I’d definitely recommend it for that age range. The Snow Play area was fab but it would’ve been difficult to keep them entertained in there for much longer than that first half hour if we’d not had the opportunity to do something else. However, that may have been different had they been younger.

There’s also plenty of cafes & restaurants to grab something to eat afterwards & plenty of outdoor clothing shops for a bit of retail therapy too.

We were really lucky to be treated to pizza afterwards & after all that Snow Play it was much needed!

Chill Factore logo

We received free entry to the Chill Factore in order to provide this review. Big thanks again to Chill Factore for having us, letting us play & providing us with pizza!