How to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary

10 years ago today the hubby and I were on the beautiful island of Mauritius with our family to say ‘I do’.

It was an amazing holiday, on a gorgeous island and completely surreal. Especially so, the fact that we were still sunbathing only a couple of hours before our wedding.

10 years on we have some beautiful wedding photos (a few dodgy ones!!) & some wonderful memories. Oh. And two fabulous kids, our own business and a very happy marriage!

wedding photo arch

I had thought we might make it back there for our 10th wedding anniversary but with two young children and a still relatively new business it was unlikely to happen.

I know that sounds like a moan, but I’d much rather be in the place we are now than have no children, stressful jobs that we don’t really like and loads of money to go on expensive holidays. Honestly!!

So with that in mind I’m going to share some wedding anniversary tips, especially for parents:-

• Save money on expensive weekends away & romantic meals by getting married in a month that is so popular for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations that you don’t actually have time to celebrate your anniversary.

• Ensure your hubby knows exactly what to expect for the next 10 years by getting your 3 year old to wake up & creep into your bed every hour the night before so that that you have no sleep and are as grumpy as possible all day.

• Make your hubby feel better about not getting you a card (which he only did because we agreed not to bother by the way) by hiding the one you have bought so well that you can’t find it!

• Have an actual conversation by taking the kids to a child friendly cafe and feeding them on ice pops. Try not to spend the entire time talking about work.

• Catch up on your sleep by pretending that you’d like to spend some time together to celebrate. Let the grandparents have the kids for a sleepover and instead of going out for a romantic meal, go to bed immediately and sleep.

• Save money on Champagne by catching a cold that gives you a throat like sandpaper, ensuring you’ll just want to drink Lemsip all day.

• Save even more money on anniversary presents by pretending that you’ll get your hubby a tin of beans (10th anniversaries are apparently celebrated by tin) thus ensuring his relief when you don’t bother!