We thought you had sprung.

Where did you go? Why did you feel the need to tease us with a couple if weeks of gorgeous weather only to go and desert us :0(

We were enjoying playing in the garden with the belting sunshine on our backs.

Being able to nip out of the house without a coat makes going out so much easier when you have two toddlers to wrestle get into them.

And we were hoping to get the paddling pool out next week…. Ok. I know. I know.  A bit ambitious, but a girl can always dream!!

Anyway, we need you back.  Now is not the time of year to have the heating cranked up full blast.  Now is not the time of year to be wearing jumpers and now is definitely not the time for the weather to be freezing all the seeds I’ve planted.  We need them for our new venture.

So, pretty pretty please, with cherries on top, come back.

Kate xx

p.s. And if you can’t do it for us, please take pity on poor hollydog.  Her favourite pastime is sunbathing and she was really beginning to work her new look!