National Infertility Awareness Week

I did another stint on Redshift Radio today. This time it wasn’t about plugging the Therapy Centre, but about National Infertility Awareness Week.

Did you know that infertility affects 1 in 6 people in the UK?

That’s a staggering 3.5 million people affected by infertility.

In fact, I bet you know quite a few people who might be experiencing infertility right now. Only it’s unlikely you’re aware. Because unfortunately, people don’t feel they can talk about it.

National Infertility Awareness Week

A little while ago I saw a post on Facebook saying that Sarah had recently set up a South Cheshire Infertility Support Group.

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Reiki – what is it?

ReikiFor the last six years the hubby & I have had something which has been a
huge part of our lives.

We’ve had quite a journey with it. It’s helped us through miscarriages,
pregnancies, births, endless sleepless nights, illnesses, redundancy &
setting up a new business.

I’m talking about Reiki.

I don’t often talk about what we do here but it’s something that is a huge part of our lives and it helps us immensely.

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Open For Business….

Surreal is how I would describe things right now. It was strange enough when I finished work. Not working as such, but employment I suppose. Adjusting to not having a routine, not having to drag myself out of bed and into the office for a certain time each morning was strange enough. Now we’ve had to adapt all over again with hubs finishing work. I expected it would be a challenge. It used to take a few days of adjustment even when he was just having a holiday. Everyone would be very put out by the routine we’d adapted being shoved to the wayside. However, I’d say this has gone far better than I ever expected.

Hubs has now been away from work for over two months and in that time we’ve set up a business. We’ve been self employed for a while, but working from home and renting rooms in other clinics and therapy centres is a whole different kettle of fish. We’ve set up an actual business in an actual place. A place that will now be where we both go to work.

I made that sound pretty easy, didn’t I? However, the last five weeks have been really hard going. Which is exactly why my Twitter and Facebook existence has been, well, non-existent! During those weeks I seem to have had a paintbrush firmly attached to my right hand. It actually feels a bit odd now it’s not there. We’ve painstakingly prepped and painted the entire place . Scraped all the bumpy bits off the walls, filled in the holey bits (well hubs and my dad did most of that bit!) and painted, over and over and over (those walls sucked in a LOT of paint!!!) to get it just how we wanted it. Thankfully, we’ve had some help from our wonderful (*creep creep*) family and friends.

And now, here’s the good bit. We’ve finally finished all of that. Last Friday we signed the lease and now it’s ours. Pretty perfect timing really as we’re all ready to rock.

I can hardly tell you how good it feels to have our own place.

One that we have complete flexibility over, where we can guarantee to be able to treat our clients without having to check with anyone else first.

One that we can make sure is quiet, clean and tidy.

And one that we can make warm and welcoming to anyone who wants to visit and have a treatment or anyone who wants to rent a room to do their own therapies!

I don’t have any funny little stories to tell this time. There are no morals to this tale…yet! I just wanted to tell you all that we’re now OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

And to show it off a little too. So, here is the new Navitas Holistic Therapy and Reiki Centre.

Here is where we will now be providing our therapies, Reiki and Reflexology in particular. We’ll also be running regular Reiki courses and will be setting up some meditation classes too. We’ve already got a Hypnotherapist and Counsellor on board and in a few weeks time hope to have to other services to add to the list too!

So, if you’re somewhere in Cheshire and fancy a little time out, or want to learn Reiki please come and pay us a visit. Or if you know of any therapists looking for a therapy room to rent, please let them know about us.